Dermot Spence

Dermot Spence was a linguist who had been to Oxford and Heidelberg universities in the late 1920s, and who was fluent in German (and other languages, probably including Hungarian, since he would seem to be the translator of a number of Hungarian poems). He was working in publishing and in an art gallery, and had edited one of Conrad’s novels. His biographical details are largely visible because his son, Jonathan D. Spence, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Chinese history


Wins 70A: £2.2s.0d
Wins 81A: £2.2s.0d
Wins 83: £1.1s.0d


Wins 111B: £1.1s.0d
Wins 113B: £1.1s.0d
Wins 116A: 5s 3d


Wins 176A: 10s 6d


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