Lance Sieveking

SievekingLance Sieveking – Lancelot De Giberne Sieveking – was born in 1896 and died in 1972. He was a pioneer of both radio and TV, joining the BBC as assistant to the director of education in 1926, after having had an eventful war in two services – the army and the proto-RAF, then part of the navy. His plane was shot down in 1917, and he was a German POW (he won the DSC). At the BBC, he produce and adapted scripts at a time when people were learning the media of television and radio. In 1932, when he appeared as a judge, he was married (the second of three marriages) to the artist Natalie Ackenhausen/ Denny (later Natalie Bevan).

There is a good piece here with some fragmentary pieces of the first television play to be screened, in 1930. You can also see some late work (1964) here.

Sieveking was also the designer of the cut-out-and-listen map of the football field for the first live football commentary in 1927:


2 thoughts on “Lance Sieveking

  1. Lance Sieveking (my father) won the DSC, not the DFC. Natalie Ackenhausen (aka Denny) was his second wife, not his first.

    Paul Sieveking,

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