Joseph Wray Angus Hunt (1898-1976), known as ‘Wray Hunt’, and a writer of academic books (Medieval Studies in 1931), a co-writer with his wife Molly of children’s books (two in the late 1930s, Fairy Corner and The Toby Inn) and also a novelist.

The following books appear to be by him (some of the dates are a bit suspect, and his output at the time of the WR seems colossal). The books range from history for adults and for children, adult fiction, educational books and ripping yarns.

Behind The Mountains (1930)
Medieval Studies (1931)
The Voyage to Vineland (1931)
Growth and development of the modern town (1931)
Growth and development of the English parish (1932)
The Mayor of Rye (1932)
Man and Wealth: a handbook of economics (1932)
Captain Swing (1934)
Moti Ram Bahadur: boy of the Indian frontier (1935) [later reprinted as a Penguin]
                    (a first edition of this is selling for over £750)
Brother of the bracelet (1938)
Galleons Doom Deep (1939)
An illustrated history of modern Britain (1950, with Denis Richards) [as Joseph Wray Hunt]
English history through foreign eyes (1954) (pamphlet for the Historical Association)
Satan’s Daughter (1970)
Reaction and Reform 1815-1841 (1972) [as Joseph Wray Hunt]
Plotter’s Paradise (1973)
Rogue Justice (1975)

HuntMotiRamBahadur HuntGalleons

Wray and Molly Hunt



Wins 61A: £2.2s.0d

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