The New Statesman‘s online version. It’s subscription-only access, although subscription gives you an archive that currently stretches back to 1998.

The Weekly Poem
Bill’s continuation of the satirical weekly poem tradition, now in its tenth year: about 460 poems.

Graham Greene‘s notorious second prize entry in a 1949 NS comp to parody Greene can be found by clicking his name.

George Simmers’ blog about the Great War, which contains some interesting comments on Allan M.Laing

Chard Whitlow, the Henry Reed tour-de-force parody of perhaps the New Statesman’s favourite whipping-boy, T.S.Eliot, can be found by clicking on the title (it takes you to a Henry Reed site, that George Simmers kindly showed me). It has a pdf of the winning entry, which is from May 1941. Interestingly, it only just wins: it has a fair claim to be the most anthologised New Statesman competition win ever. Notice that it is modestly signed ‘H.R.’ George has since spotted that one of the runners-up is Pamela Hansford Johnson (the link takes you to an Independent article about her) – with a parody of her one-time fiancé, Dylan Thomas. By the time she was making fun of DT, she had published seven novels.

Dylan Thomas and Pamela Hansford Johnson in 1933

Dylan Thomas and Pamela Hansford Johnson in 1933