Competition no. 220: results

The setter of Competition no. 1 returns again: Martin Armstrong. He is fond, as ever of setting mind-bending (or -numbing) instructions. The premise this time is thart a benevolent dictator has abolished the radio and the printing press. Thirty years later a visitor to the States sends back a letter recalling what has happened. Why is the letter-writer in the States? Why is it thirty years later? I despair. Armstrong has been hoping for a Swift or a Montesquieu or a Voltaire, and ‘inspired frivolity’. However …

‘There were ten fairly good entries,’ says Armstrong, wearily. He quotes Guy Hadley and T.S. Attlee, but suddenly breaks off and awards the prizes to William Bliss and to Molly. Bliss characteristically appends a note, and on this occasion, it’s printed.


The thirty year rule and the USA location (which Molly exploits) don’t seem to add much.

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