Competition no. 210: results

Humbert Wolfe, like on or two of his former WR colleagues, is apt to set incomprehensible competitions. Try this for size. You are asked to find an ‘ideal BBC programme’ for the following four occasions:

(i) a Cabinet meeting to discuss disarmament

(ii) a mothers’ meeting

(iii) ‘the long-postponed meeting between East and West’

(iv) a shareholders’ meeting to discuss a deficit of £2,000,000

I suspect that Wolfe had an idea of the winning answer (fatal). But none of the very, very few entrants has. H.C.M. is commended for having a shot, but this is written off as a catastrophe. No prizes are awarded (Wolfe has a poor try at saying it was his fault). He does however print a poem by Marion Peacock, on her refusal to enter.



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