Competition no. 205: results

Clennell Wilkinson reappears (as an old drinking pal of Clifford Sharp, and a formerly poorly-thought-of literary editor at New Statesman, he can’t have been persona very grata). He bases his competition on H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man, a film of which (starring Claude Rains) had appeared the previous year.

Wells IM 33What, asks the competition (offering one guinea and half a guinea only, incidentally) would you choose to do if you had the power of invisibility and could do three things, one altruistic, and two for yourself (no robbery)?

This competition doesn’t go well, as Wilkinson notes. Some competitors haven’t thought it through. One female entrant says she would change her sex. But how, as Wilkinson notes, is invisibility going to help her there? Ditto, ‘I should marry a Frenchman’. Redling says he’d visit the vicar and ask what he was doing about unemployment – just the sort of silly question that visible people tend to ask. William Bliss has a better idea – stand behind a BBC announcer and correct his pronunciation. T.E. Casson is commended but neglects to offer anything altrustic. ‘There is very little creative effort from anyone.’ The rather weak winners are Rufus (was the Albert Memorial so unpopular?) and Archie James (who says he is unemployed, and I guess there’s no reason to doubt it: the entrants are coming from a broader range of backgrounds).





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