Competition no. 204: results

Gerald Bullett (who is sitting in the judge’s chair more often these days) suggests that Dr. Johnson would have had something to say about the Nazi persecution of the Jews and what he calls the ‘dejudaising’ of Jesus Christ. He wants a conversation between Boswell and Johnson (he allows anyone else Johnson met, e.g. Voltaire) to be part of the conversation. At the time, Hitler is consolidating his hold on Germany by putting all provinces under his direct power. This picture of Hitler and the ailing President Hindenburg was taken on the same weekend as this competition’s results were published.

Hitler shaking hands with Field-Marshal von Hindenburg on the State …Among the runners-up are Joan Jukes, whose short stories regularly appeared in magazines (and which were much anthologised, often alonside those of V.S. Pritchett). But the winner (first time) is Anthony Linell, who was a barrister (he wrote a book in 1938, The law of names : public, private & corporate). His father had been a solicitor, The runner-up is Non Omnia.


Lady Hailes (the second wife of the author of the Annals of Scotland, Lord Hailes aka David Dalrymple (1726-1792), and originally Helen Fergusson) can be seen here. There are published letters between Boswell and Hailes (whom Johnson much admired) but I can’t quite fathom the joke at Lady Hailes’ expense.


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