Competitions nos. 130A and 130B: results

Sylvia Lynd – always likely to overrun – takes back the conch. She asks first for meditations on a portrait by a) a sitter and b) a painter. Her report is brisk, and doles out the prizes to two new names, N.H. Peters and someone whose pseudonym can’t be arsed to move beyond ‘A.’ I suspect he or she will even now come at the start of any alphabetical list of winners during the last 83+ years. Here they are:


The B competition – an open letter in verse that has to start ‘Ye innkeepers of England’ – starts with a nice trick, by amalgamating the best parts of the entries of Mariamne (mis-spelt as Marianne), Pibwob and Seacape, who are the runners up. There is reference to the evils of D.O.R.A., and I assume this is a Department of Rural Affairs rather than of Real Ale. (It’s the Defence of the Realm Act, which restricted opening hours: thank you, George Simmers)

Here’s the composite:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut the winners are Baldwin S. Harvey and Guy Innes, both of whom have been out of the winners’ enclosure for some time:




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