Competitions nos. 121A and 121B: results

Edward Shanks returns with a poem in German by the Austrian poet Hugo von Hoffmanstahl (1874-1929, and there’s a good biography of him here):hofmannsthal


Shanks is not sure what made him write this one, which my German tells me is the song of the ship’s cook, and I can also spot that there is an unusual repeated line (8 as 9) which then rhymes with 11:???????????????????????????????

Shanks’ adjudication is pretty technical – Alice Herbert is ticked off for writing in decasyllabics when octosyllabics would have done, and there is a great deal of commentary (far more than usual) on the need to mix the tone. The (first-time) winner, D.J.G., is the one who manages to keep that curious line-repetition. The runner-up, W.R.Y., just staves off Valimus, who has the bad luck to translate ‘Licht’ as ‘candle’ rather than ‘lantern’: ???????????????????????????????


Shanks’ choice of a B competition is reasonably predictable – he wants Chesterton (whose biographer he was) and Belloc to be involved in a selection discussion for the England Cricket XI. Others can speak too, but only within the confines of reality. You sense this is a bit of a daft idea, and it ends up with a calamity in the B competition for the third week running – no prizes, not even, indeed, an honourable mention. Another guinea and a half back in the pot!



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