Competitions nos 115A and 115B: results

Martin Armstrong reappears as the judge, so we know there’s some foreign language in store. He returns us to the Royal Academy exhibition, and suggests that the general question is ‘Que diable allait-il faire dans cette galere’, with particular reference to Walter Richard Sickert, who was causing a considerable rumpus that year, not least with this use of photography. If you click here you’ll get a good sense of what he was up to at this stage of 1932 (although this particular work wasn’t in the 1932 exhibition). Armstrong (not at all unlike Squire a couple of weeks earlier) wants three six-lined rhymed verses, the last line on which is ‘But what is Sickert doing in this gallery?’


One competitor found nine rhymes for ‘gallery’ (Experienta docet, sighs Armstrong). However, he has no hesitation in returning Seacape to the podium, with James Hall in close proximity.



For the B competition, Armstrong asks for a translation of a Voltaire fable ….


The winners are Fontanist (a new name) and Rosellen Bett. There was a huge response to this one – compelling Armstrong to draw lots to make his decision.



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