Competitions 90A and 90B: results

At last, some lighter relief! Anthony Bertram has set a limerick competition – on relativity or qantum theory… In a kind of parody of previous competition-setters who berate themselves for setting poor competitions, he cheerily tells us ‘What an excellent idea for a competition this was!’ He provides an example:


The nearest also-ran knew what he was talking about, although he was then only twenty – F.C. Frank (Frederick Charles Frank, later Sir Charles Frank). [Frederick Charles Frank, FRS came to Bristol in 1946, after distinguished wartime work in the Air Ministry intelligence service leading to an OBE and Knighthood. He was a founder of the modern theory of dislocations and of crystal growth and surface physics. He also predicted muon-catalysed cold fusion and created the theory of the elastic properties of liquid crystals (the Frank constants) and their disclination singularities. In the 1960’s he applied his expertise in solid state physics to bring fundamental new insight into several aspects of geoscience, including the curvature of island arcs. Sir Charles was Head of the Physics Department from 1969 to 1976 and was active in science until his death in 1998. – from a Bristol University site].

Charles Frank

Charles Frank in later life

Here are Frank’s twin efforts with Bertram’s comments:


There are three winners (and a commended which gains no prize). The first three are Little Billee, G.M.Spooner and Norman L.Robinson, the latter Chauve-Souris. G.M. Spooner is Guy Malcolm Spooner (1907-1989), twenty-four at the time, and starting on a long and eminent career as a marine biologist working in Plymouth (he was a Devonian by birth) at the Marine Laboratory, but also something of an expert on insects in particular. Here they are:


The B competition, which is to write a letter of complaint about the ‘This England’ feature, doesn’t go so well. A young archaeologist, C.H. – Charles Hamilton – Inge comes close, as does the Bristol historian, W.G.Neale, but the sole winner is D.H.:


With two Bristolians and a Devonian all in the frame, this is a surprisingly successful week for the South-West!

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