Competitions 84A and 84B: results

Kipling had published a book called Thy Servant a Dog, which you can read here, and which is in a long line of dog-narratives, from Faithful Ruslan (Vladimov) to Flush (Woolf), from Investigations of a Dog (Kafka) to Paul Auster’s Timbuktu. The setter, Benedict Nicholson, is by far the youngest – he’s 17, and the elder son of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson. He asks for 300 words in a similar style to Kipling, but with any other animal ‘from an elephant to a flea’. For a seventeen-year-old, he is quite brusque and mature, brushing off the rule-breakers like Ciel who use dogs, and objecting to the absence of sentimentality in some of the Kiplingesque entries (and rejecting the non-Kiplingesque). This leaves him with a single prize-winner: L.V. Upward:

WR 83

The B competition is an epigram (hmmm) on the state of the pound. Snowden’s budget had backfired. There is a nice summary of calamitous budgets, of which Snowden’s is the first, in an Independent article here.

The winners are Seacape and Heber:

WR 83a


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