Competitions 43A and 43B: results

Martin Armstrong asks for epigrams reassuring a friend to whom the writer offers a mince pie before Christmas. (Giving mince pies, he explains, before Christmas, is said to be unlucky, a rumour which, if it got out, would bring sveral firms currently operating to bankruptcy. He does concede that it could be a mince pie given after the Christmas before.) But like Humbert Wolfe the previous week, he has nothing to offer but a reprimand for the poor quality of the offerings. In fact, he writes a poem for the edification of the entrants to whom he is considering giving nothing by way of guineas, half-guineas or even loose change:


He relents and allows George van Raalte and H.C.M. their rewards:


But the curmudgeon in the Armstrong heart is not finished yet. 43B was supposed to be filled with witty rhymed poems mentioning at least six Italian painters whose names had been Anglicised (e.g. Fra Filippo Lippi = Philip Blears). But he offers one more onslaught in verse, and declines to empty the WR coffers of anything:


Must try harder!


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