Competitions 36A and 36B: results

Back to translations. Francois Villon may have been sent up in the clerihew competition, but T. Earle Welby wanted a translation of these stanzas of his:


The competitors are complimented and castigated in equal measure, for doing well in parts, but skipping between the literal and the free. Our old friend T.E.Casson is again not quite in the winner’s enclosure, into whom the only person admitted is James Hall.

WR Comp 36A&B

36B merely requires (though ‘a high standard’ is expected) competitors to produce a list of nouns and adjectives that have become inseparable. The spare cash freed up by restricting the number of winners in 36A allows veteran W. Hodgson Burnet to claim a spare half-a-guinea (and do you know, T.E. Casson just missed out on this as well!). The first two prizes go to H.C.M. and George van Raalte.

WR Comp 36A&Ba

Welby is mock-stern in throwing out ‘isosceles triangle’, ‘varicose veins’, ‘mobled queen’ and the like. He notes an entry from a schoolboy R. Farrimond, which he says indicates that he will eventually win many competitions. We shall see.


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